Sunday, April 13, 2014

Spinning to Second Set of STAAR

It has been a harried first week of review! Since Writing STAAR has come and gone, we have more time to go over Math and Reading skills. We have one week left before these two tests. I have created PowerPoint problem solving questions for students to practice problem solving skills on white boards. Some questions are being made into a Math in Minutes Marathon foldable.

Using the same foldable method, our team is reviewing skills for Reading as well. Also utilizing PowerPoint presentations, I made some slides as close reads, in which when printed students fill in the blanks and glue into their Reading Round Up foldable. It really is turning out quite nicely. (If I do say so myself.) The students seem to enjoy it. After the short mini-lesson review, they practice that particular skill.

In order to break up the fun review time, I invited my friend Tilly to come to my class to teach them sign language. She is an expert in ASL, and she has a heart of gold! The students had learned about the song "Follow the Drinking Gourd" when we finished up a study on Texas and the Civil War. Having looked up the song on YouTube, the students asked for several days if they could hear it. Before long they were singing it on the playground! It was adorable! Especially because the song is not the typical modern music kids listen to these days. Then, as fate would have it, they wanted to perform the song for the school talent show! That is where my dear friend came in. She came up to the school and taught the students the sign language for the song. They tried out for the talent show on Thursday. We won't find out until May 2nd if they are in. Hoping for the best - these kiddos are so excited!

Below is a link Tilly made for the students to practice. I can not thank her enough for putting it together in a short time to help the students perform.

Follow the Drinking Gourd in ASL by Tilly

Have a great week!

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