Wednesday, March 13, 2013

OK - I know I am not the only one feeling myself rattle around the house aimlessly. As I find projects I have needed to do, but have put off for so long, I am not sure I want to do them anymore! For all of those that don't know me well, I have always got to have a "to do list" going. Then I don't I feel lost!

So, I decided my list has got to change from the endless paperwork, planning, catching up on cleaning (yes, spring cleaning was a major one on the list this week off), and other incidental errands to some RR. You may think RR is Rest and Relax...nope - its Ride and Ride some more!

However, as I went to my truck today, the battery was dead. Had plans to go riding at a local state park, but can't hook up the trailer to a truck that can't haul! So, decided to hit one of those projects and create this blog.

So, here goes....jumping into the world of blogging.

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